Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Torsion Axle

Built with heavy-duty hydraulic torsion axles for quick, easy, and reliable use.




Where Help is Needed?

The redesign is a great opportunity for organizations and individuals to gain experience working on a large Drupal project, work with Drupal experts, and give back to the Drupal community.

The redesign project needs volunteers with a willingness to dedicate themselves to the redesign, familiarity of the site and an understanding of how to work within the community.

Progress Report

In 2008 and 2009, members of the Drupal community participated in six redesign sprints in North America and Europe. As major features of the redesign began to take shape, we needed to work on more granular details of the implementation. Recreating staging environments locally for development teams is a serious challenge, so we created a hosted infrastructure for developers and themers.

Reply to Mary Anne

In late 2009, we began to seek companies from the Drupal community to sponsor individual sections of the redesign. We've now recruited over twenty volunteer organizations to help implement sections of the redesign built on top of the features developed by the infrastructure team.

Well done.

Thanks for all your comments! Job well done!