Price List

All frames come with a 4' V front and a complete hydraulic package

8' x 12'   single axle                                                          

8' x 14'   single axle                                                           

8' x 16'   single axle                                                          

8' x 16' tandem axle                                                          

8' x 18' tandem axle                                                         

8' x 20' tandem axle                                                          

Complete center sections including axles and hydraulic cylinders

Center section with 87" axle and no brakes                        

Center section with 87" axle and brakes                          

Center section with 93" axle and brakes                                

Tandem center section with 93" axles and brakes               

Frame components

87" axle with no brakes                                                    

87" axle with brakes                                                          

93" axle with brakes                                                           

Pitman arms (pair)                                                            

Frame rails single axle                                                         

Frame rails tandem axle                                                      

Tongue sections                                                             

Wheels and tires                                                                    

Hydraulic pump and control pendant                                

Hydraulic cylinder front                                                   

Hydraulic cylinder rear